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Pedal Power – Human Scale Energy For Everyday Tasks

The bicycle is one of the most ubiquitous and indispensable technologies ever developed. It is efficient, elegant, environmentally friendly, fun, healthy, inexpensive, and user-maintainable. It is a human scale means of travel that increases our range and speed ten-fold — yet we only use its core technology for transportation even though it is suitable for performing a multitude of tasks.
For the past five years, authors of the Pedal Power startup have designed and built stationary pedal-powered machines (dubbed “dynapods” by Alex Weir). In addition to several custom dynapods, they have developed two core products: 1) the Big Rig, a multifunction machine with a built-in seat and work surface, and 2) the Pedal Genny, a more portable, single function machine. Their machines are built by hand in their spare time and are expensive as a result. The guys hope that someday these machines will be as economical and widespread as the bicycle.

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Solar Mobile Charging Kiosk: Help Burundi

By making a series of different studies, Henry came to the conclusion that the solar panel would be the optimal solution for the people of Africa. But on closer examination of the idea, he realized that this is not practicable: people, who earn two dollars a day are unlikely to be able to afford such device.

So Henry decided to reinvent yourself and design his own affordable solution to this problem. In 2009, he made a strong partnership with a designer to develop the design of the solar panels and drastically change the current situation in Africa with electricity. After a long time and hard work, they have created a mobile kiosk with solar panels.

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Clean burning renewable energy in your own backyard for free!

Warren Weisman from Eugene, Oregon, United States designed simple, low-cost biodigesters to generate clean burning biogas. Biogas generates more energy than solar panels anytime day or night, rain or shine for a fraction of the cost while making high-quality fertilizer! At the moment a sum…

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