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Barley & Britches: The Everyday Chino

Barley & Britches (B&B) is a progressive clothing company developed in the heart of New York City’s fashion district. The company is striking out to create a premium fashion brand that is forward thinking and innovative, suited for everyday life and affordable. Premium quality without the premium price and middlemen.

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HUCKLEBURY : The Perfect Fitting Shirt, Backed for 365 days

HUCKLEBURY presents premium dress shirts for men that FIT great – handcrafted in USA, delivered at wholesale prices and backed by a 365 day GUARANTEE. Shirts that you buy off-the-rack, simply don’t fit well and the ones you get made-to-measure cost an arm and a leg and you have to wait for weeks to get your order from overseas. But, now you have a choice to get a Perfect Fitting shirt made right in USA.

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Indigo Apparel: High Fashion Meets Sustainability

Indigo Apparel is an eco-friendly fashion brand. Authors use sustainable materials such as hemp & organically grown bamboo fabric, as well as 100% non-toxic dyes in an array of hues. With quality and comfort in mind, they hand dye and hand print each of their pieces to achieve luxurious, earth-friendly fashion.

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“Affordable Luxury”: The Urban Xplorer Xperience

Urban Xplorer is not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. UX gear is created for people who want to go out and “Xperience” life, discover new destinations and cultivate new relationships. The purpose of the company is to help you Xperience it™.Urban Xplorer is committed to providing exceptional value to the customers. The project authors design, make, and sell quality travel and lifestyle products; products that are stylish, functional, customizable and created to help individuals “Xplore” the world around them by making it easier for them to “Xperience it.”

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JD DENIM: JONDOE | JAYNDOE – Identity is in the jeans

JD DENIM are Premium Jeans and Tees handcrafted in Melbourne, crowd-sourced and delivered to you at wholesale.
The team of JD DENIM wants to create something different, not your same plain everyday skinny slim raw jeans. They wanted to create something edgy, something that stands out. Fashion is about finding yourself, your identity, its about self expression, its not about everyone wearing the same thing.
Which is why they’re excited to launch their first line of premium denim ‘Biker-Style’ jeans and tees. The startup is focused on creating amazing products with high-quality fabric, artisan craftsmanship, and exceptional fit all with the aim of creating a modern and timeless wardrobe.

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THE UT.LAB LIGHT WING Trainers: the next step of changing the way footwear is brought to market

Our readers should remember the first crowdfunding campaign by Unbelievable Testing Laboratory officially launched in June 2013 on Kickstarter. THE UT.LAB is a mix of industrial designers, ceramic artists, logistics specialists, and serial entrepreneurs who are keen on science, design and footwear. Today they are changing the way footwear is brought to market, again.

The LIGHT WING shoes were being shipped to 57 countries, touching every continent except Antarctica. You can hardly remember any other successful footwear crowdfunding campaign launch not only on Kickstarter, but on all other crowdfunding platforms.

The next step in the evolution of THE UT.LAB has already begun on Crowdtilt. The initial startup’s goal to change the way footwear is brought to market is remained the same. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on manufacturing shoes ahead of time, and guessing what the market wants, THE UT.LAB wants to let you help them decide what shoes they will be bringing to market in 2014.

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Ledge Pants: Stainproof Pants for Everyday Use

Ledge Pants are stainproof pants that are more durable than your jeans, but don’t look like it. The inside of The Pants are breathable and wick away sweat, while the outside repels water and stains. In fact, anything from apple juice to wine will slide right off as if The Pants were made of glass. Tougher stains like grease and oil can be rubbed off, or they will come out in the wash.

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Up-Shirt: the tee with the tiny environmental footprint

The Up-Shirt technology allows to mass produce a t-shirt with an 80% smaller environmental footprint.
T-shirts are an iconic, essential piece of clothing but, from crop to shop, they carry a pretty hefty environmental burden.The thing is, factory made t-shirts yield up to 40% wastage. That means 40% of that cotton is grown in vain and huge amounts of water and earth resources are wasted.
It’s taken years of hard work and research but authors of the startup came up with a clever design and production model to mass produce t-shirts using those leftovers. The team offers the up-shirts to sports events, music festivals, NGOs and other organisations who often order thousands, even tens of thousands of t-shirts.

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RainScarf: It has a secret inside

RainScarf is the first scarf with a pop up rain hood to keep you cozy when weather catches you by surprise.

It has 75″ length and made of cashmere blend grey fabric and cotton polyester blend pink fabric. To protect you from rain, the authors used nylon water resistant fabric shell.

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Atrius Footwear: Style Has A New Name

The Atrius brand is a combination of affordable cost, performance, and quality. The team behind Atrius really strived to create a technologically advanced shoe without increased pricing margins. According to the authors, they literally tore open the competitions shoe to make sure that they were delivering a shoe that would stand the test of time.

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