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Paradise Desk: Everything you’ve ever wanted in a desk

The Paradise desk is the first desk designed completely for computer enthusiasts who want a premium desk.
The Paradise desk is the first desk designed completely for computer enthusiasts and gamers who want a premium desk. The concept stems from the idea that a desk should acts like an extension of your computer and all computer devices, including the computer & monitor, directly plug into the desk. This concept makes it easier to plug in and maneuver devices without awkwardly bending over or reaching behind your computer, as such with current desks. It also allows you to avoid the tangled wire mess beneath the desk, by plugging in the computer and its devices directly into the desk.

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Made to Measure: Modern Furniture

For the time being the authors can present to the audience two designs: minimalist table, and a versatile shelving system. The Profile Table is a minimalist yet flexible addition to any room. Its variable sizing means it functions equally well as a large coffee table, end table, or even a bench. The users can customize the size to fit their space exactly and choose a wood that compliments the existing furnishings.

Shelf by the Foot is a versatile and sturdy shelf that mounts on almost any wall surface. It’s fabricated from premium plywood and uses solid wood splines for added strength. The mounting bracket is hidden, simple to install, and allows the shelf to ‘float’ slightly off the wall. It’s based on a simple ‘L’ shape and the vertical surface of the shelf is structural while adding the warmth of a wood accent to any wall.

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Stool: eco-furniture

Surprisingly, this project was inspired by the waste that is seen everyday – the corrugated paperboard boxes. The corrugated paper was invented in 1856 and patented in England. Two decades later, Albert Jones of New York used the corrugated paper for shipping materials and patented it on December 20, 1871.Soon, in 1895, the wooden crates and boxes were being replaced by corrugated paper shipping cartons. There are so many applications of the corrugated paperboard such as furniture and packaging. One down factor in this material is that – deformation is likely to occur after 1.5 year.

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Divisione Furniture Collection

The Divisione Collection comprises of four pieces and centers on the design approach of taking a simple singular form, and creating an object of seeming complexity through repetition. Each item comes in a natural finish, untreated. This creates a paradox between accurately defined design forms, and original materials; with evidence of their manufacturing.

The main issue concerning the project is that Neil looks forward to exhibiting at TENT Design Show, but in case any delays arise, his place may be taken by someone else.

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OpenDesk: opensource furniture

OpenDesk is a community project built on collaboration between designers, makers, web developers and early adopters of open source furniture. It provides furniture designs, equipment and small parts for those who want to create their own tables,chairs and stools. There are video instructions at the website and several options you can choose from depending on you carpentry skills when bying a product.

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BUILD: Modular Furniture

BUILD is modular furniture that allows you to create your own composition. It is extremely lightweight, and you can construct any form by using it. BUILD adapts to your needs: you can use it as a shelf or as a sitting. It is perfect for people who move a lot. You can also install or reconfigure it in few minutes. In addition, you will not need any instructions or tools.

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Foxden Decor: Handcrafted Mexican Furniture

Every item, that was sold is custom, unique and handcrafted by Juan’s skilled artisans and friends living in Juarez. Every piece, that was sold gives one more job to struggling families in Juarez. Selling the furniture Jami and Juan want to restore the economy of this great city. This reliable and durable furniture will last for years, and, thanks to its sophisticated design, it will adorn any home and highlight the excellent taste of the owner.

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AtFAB: Furniture Fabbed Locally

AtFAB is a series of furniture objects that can be cut by a CNC router, laser cutter or water jet from any off-the-shelf sheet material. You can fabricate AtFAB locally at hackerspaces or DIY storefronts like TechShop or you can find an independent fabricator through online networks like 100kGarages.com to do the work for you. Once your pieces are cut, they are easy to assemble into a finished object with simple hardware.

The project is launched on Kickstarter to build a distributed network of remote CNC fabrication shops and make the first manufacturing run of 3 AtFAB Furniture designs: a Side Chair, Coffee Table and Pair of Stools. Each piece from this First Run will be digitally crafted from pre-finished Appleply plywood. Its 15 super-thin sustainably harvested plies are laminated with environmentally friendly adhesives, and perfectly complement the precise digitally cut joinery of AtFAB’s volumetric shapes.

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Innovative Bent Wood – Revolutionizing Product Design

Gustav Reyes, a designer from Chicago, Illinois, USA, creates a unique jewelry and furniture of bent wood. His latest project is a table design for the realization of which he decided to launch his idea on crowdfunding platform. Funding for this project on KickStarter was canceled by its creator on February 27, 2013.

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