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Bands of Clean: protect your health

The Band of Clean project is created to protect yourself with stylish wristbands that make keeping your hands clean, simple, convenient and cool! The unique product – patent pending wristband – is designed to allow you to clean your hands wherever and whenever you need.

Started by the lead designer – NYC school art and design teacher Gregory Francois and his colleague a NYC science teacher Roy Booth, the crew of startup has grown to a team of eight. They seek to make products that aim to keep you looking cool and also protect your health.

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Head Case Concussion Management System

Each year, 1 in 5 high school athletes sustains a concussion. Repeat concussions can cause memory loss, attention difficulties and long-term brain damage. There is currently no concussion management system on the market that measures and records impact data and provides tools to help diagnose a concussion so the health of young athletes is at risk.

The Head Case Concussion Management System is an affordable, easy-to-use full circle program that measures head impacts, provides diagnostic tools to detect potential concussions and recommends the best treatment facilities available.

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Baby Fairy: Baby vital signs monitor

Baby Fairy is a health-monitor for a baby composed of a wristband and a parent base. When the baby has the bracelet on the wrist, parents can monitor heart rate and body temperature. The base will alert the parents in case of abnormal signs.

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uChek Universal: The Medical Lab in Your Phone

The uChek Universal transforms your phone into your own personal medical lab. The idea is to spot risks early, and to arrest problems before they become incurable. The uChek Universal puts more health data at your fingertips than ever before. It measures 14 health parameters using routine urine analysis, provides day-to-day analytics and enables regular monitoring of early warning markers for more than 25 medical conditions, including complications of diabetes, pregnancy, kidney disease and urinary tract infections. This device provides you with accurate, meaningful and actionable health data.

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HALVED: Dinnerware that makes you eat less

HALVED is a ceramic plate, mug and bowl set that has been halved. It was inspired by a popular opinion that to stay healthy, we should be cutting down on our portions. Psychologically, it feels hard for us to do it. Seeing a small portion on a regular plate feels like a real downer. But if the plate is halved, a smaller portion feels like it’s always a full portion.

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The PIP: A Biosensor That Helps You Relax Through Play

The PIP is a revolutionary biosensor that helps users really learn to relax, improve user’s performance in any aspect of life and combat stress. Available for both iOS and Android, the PIP detects whether user is stressing or relaxing in real time.

The PIP is made easy to use: users hold it between their fingertips and it will communicate the stress level wirelessly to a game or app running on a smartphone or tablet. An ever-expanding suite of gaming and entertainment apps will be available, allowing people to visualize the relaxation and master the stress in a fun and engaging way.

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HAPIfork: eat slowly, feel better

HAPIfork is the smart fork that helps eat healthier, slower and lose weight by eating at the right time and at the right speed.

Studies have shown that HOW FAST we eat is as important as what we eat. HAPIfork knows how fast one is eating and can help them develop healthy eating habits, improve their digestion and also reduce their weight.

HAPIfork allows users to simply and quickly monitor and reduce the speed at which they eat their meals. Slowing down and paying attention are important steps towards the goal of creating and maintaining healthier eating habits. HAPIfork records when a fork is touched to mouth, and can tell how long the interval is between each fork serving. If one eats too fast, HAPIfork alerts them with a gentle vibration and indicator light to discreetly remind to slow down.

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Aspirin Wristband – Proceeds Benefit The American Heart Association

Heartstrong LLC, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States, presents  BeatFirst Aspirin Band, special wristband that stores medication. Having a heart attack? Chewing an aspirin could save your life. The Aspirin Band provides immediate access to medication when it is needed most. This campaign will receive all of the…

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