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WunderBar startup on Dragon Innovation crowdfunding platform

Imagine receiving a push notification when you leave home without your wallet or keys, or when your house plants start yearning for water. The WunderBar is the easiest way to start developing apps for the Internet of Things – without needing to learn about hardware. App developers can quickly access data from the physical world with WunderBar’s easy-to-use SDKs or with our simple REST API.

It packs the newest Bluetooth Low Energy (Beacon), WiFi, together with SDKs for iOS, Android and Node.js!

The WunderBar has six powerful smart modules, three provide sensors to monitor temperature, proximity, light, color, humidity, and movement. A fourth helps you control your home entertainment system with an infra-red transmitter. The last two will be chosen by the you and the crowd. All come app-ready straight out of the box within minutes.

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Cotter Pin: Adventure Gear

Beauty of countryside played an important role in choosing the design kit. The authors were inspired to create a kit for travelers traveling and contemplating the beautiful scenery of the countryside. After months of experimentation and prototyping, the team created the first small sery of kits. The material from which kits was made is tarpaulin with water-repellent coating and high-quality wool for the padding. Using the kit, you can be confident that the exceptional quality of the natural materials ensure the safety of all devices and instruments.

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Everyday Carry Survival Kit: Save Youself From Emergency

Set includes all of the vital tools that will provide safety throughout the time spent in the wild. Each element is made of lightweight, but durable material and has a functional, but the laconic design. The set consists of a carbine, a waterproof container, a bottle opener, ruler, knife, saw, solar-powered flashlight and more. All of these things and tools are absolutely essential for survival. Take this kit with you for a hiking or fishing. It is also useful to you in such emergencies as fire , earthquake and flood.

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Motoped: Motorized Bicycle

The Motoped is a motorized bicycle. It uses a Honda xr50 or Chinese pitbike engine and downhill mountain bike parts mounted to a custom frame and swing arm.

Currently the authors are only selling the kit to build your own Motoped. They will provide users with a detailed list of off-the-shelf motorcycle and mountain bike parts that users will need to complete the build. The basics are a Honda xr50/pit bike 50-190cc motor, gas tank, seat and a few other motorcycle parts, the mountain bike parts include forks, brakes, wheels, tires, cranks, and pedals.

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