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The GoVest: A Human Tripod Vest for cameras like GoPros

GoVest™ is a Human Tripod Vest that mounts a GoPro® camera directly on your shoulder. This provides a stable third person point of view, and allows you to see your own face/actions in shots while filming. There will also be a two liter hydration pack that allows wearers to bring fresh water or their favorite soft drink into the water with them.

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AT-ST Video Stand: Mount for iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch

AT-ST Video Stand is a durable, flexible and convenient mount for Apple iPhone 4, and 5 that allows users to make video and take photos easily and conveniently. One of its main advantages is that the stand can be positioned at any angle. With the AT-ST Video Stand taking video will become much easier and faster. Besides, the mount is strong and durable. Due to its versatility, AT-ST Video Stand will help you make video or take a picture and do other things with your iPhone. This amazingly handy tool will fundamentally change the entire process of shooting. Simply attach your iPhone to stand and enjoy the convenience of photo and video.

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GearLeash: Case Fot Your iPhone

GearLeash – it’s easy and convenient holder and case for your iPhone, which provides the user with quick and easy access to your phone in any situation.

This device has an ergonomic design, it is reliable and durable.There are powerful neodymium magnets in this case that securely hold the phone in place, and you can be sure that your device is always safe. GearLeash – a high-tech device that prevents your phone from thefts. Exclusive patented case includes a handy holster and a bumper made of metal and polycarbonate. Every detail has been carefully designed and made of the high-grade materials to ensure the highest quality of GearLeash.

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eleMount: Premium Mount

eleMount is a premium all-aluminum mount for smartphones and tablets. This mount allows devices to be placed on a premium pedestal which accents their elegant design and quality. One of the most simple and solid mount ever designed, eleMount sticks to any flat surface. eleMount works just as you’d expect. It has no unnecessary details like suction cups or locks. This high quality mount stems from the finest solid aluminum and complements a sleek, minimalistic style.

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MagBak – The World’s Thinnest iPad Mount

Magbak is the world’s thinnest mount for iPad. It inherently mounts to most metal surfaces without adding any significant bulk or thickness. The silicone texture feels great to touch and its outline is designed for your fingers.

With Magbak you can mount your iPad almost anywhere you want to. For non-metal surfaces or angles in between you can use a special ring. Magbak protects your device and snaps SmartCover to its back so that it doesn’t hang loose.

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The nGroove Snap by Mountek: Mount Any Mobile Device

The nGroove Snap by Mountek is a brand new type of mount for any mobile device – be it phone, tablet or GPS unit. Using nGroove Snap you can place your phone at the center of your dashboard or right in your CD slot to see it distinctly and easy. This effective invisible mount makes your device look like it’s “floating”. The mount is also rather strong and can hold device of different weights. For instance, it will hold an Apple iPad Mini safely and securely but it is better not to put in a mount a full size Apple iPad, as it can become dislodged.

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Gekko Stand – Universal & Adjustable NanoSuction Stand

Gekko Stand is the first adjustable NanoSuction mount for the iPad & iPhone that works with any device, anywhere. The product was created by Dwight Houser, a businessman from the city of Denver, the state of Colorado. This project successfully raised its funding goal on KickStarter on March 15, 2013.

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Agilis Series: Premium Samsung Galaxy S3 Case

Enflux, a company based in Chicago, Illinois, has designed unparalleled protective case with innovative “Do anything, anywhere” mounting system for the Galaxy S3. This project is placed on KickStarter and will be funded if at least $105,000 is pledged by Monday Apr 8, 2013.

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‘3rd Person View’ action-cam camera mount for extreme sports

“3rd Person View” action-cam camera mount was launched on Kickstater on the 19th of January by Erik Vonk. Originally this idea was invented by Thijs Vrij, who has been always dreaming to be filmed during his extreme sport’s experiences. This project is supposed to be…

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