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ARC Series: The Grow Light Reinvented

The Arc Series is an easy-to-use lighting system that rivals the output of conventional lights at a fraction of the cost. It produces a focused area of intense light that increases growth in plants and eliminates waste. The arc shape combined with 50w LED modules allows for any color of light output you desire with the intensity of the sun.

The main issues of the project include engineering, design, any electronic part or tool, simplicity is key and our designs reflect this. The authors will seek to reduce weight, cost and improve performance in all areas which may lead to slight delays.

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Laika – Raspberry Pi Robotics

The Laika platform allows users to control of motors, switches, lamps, robots and more using Scratch, Python or C on your Raspberry Pi. The system is simple, and anyone can start by using the Scratch programming language to control hardware in a matter of minutes having downloaded the drivers and plugged in the USB cable.

The Laika Explorer board is well suited to people who want to learn how to control hardware like motors, LEDs and sounders by developing software graphically in Scratch on the Raspberry Pi. This will be supported by the online Laika tutorials and forums to guide novices. For advanced programmers, the Laika Explorer provides a quick way to prototype and develop technical projects by calling functions from the Laika library to manage the hardware fast and efficiently.

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Smart Herb Garden by Click & Grow

With Smart Herb Garden people can grow basil, thyme or other herbs without worrying whether the plants have enough water, nutrients or light. The pot is just plugged it into the wall and some water is added. This smart device takes care of everything else. With more than 3 years of R&D behind the Smart Herb Garden, a nanotech material engineered to supply plant roots with the right amount of oxygen, water and nutrients at any time. Each Smart Herb Garden comes with cartridges for basil, thyme and lemon balm. Refill cartridges will be available for chili pepper, mini tomato, peppermint, spinach, salad rocket and various kinds of lettuce.

The authors’ve also built a cutting edge lighting solution. The light spectrum in traditional LED lights makes plants look unnatural on the one hand and can be harmful for children’s eyes on the other. The authors have worked with the worlds leading LED technologists to invent a natural-looking light system that gives plants enough light to grow while only requiring 6 watts of energy. This keeps the electricity bill for running the Smart Herb Garden a whole year to around 4-5 dollars.

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SPORElife – Create Your own Vase

SPORElife is an eco-friendly vase that everyone can create from a cardboard sheet. With each vase, SPORElife offers a pack of seeds for re-discovering plants long forgotten – Common borage, Common dandelion,Common poppy, Little hogweed, Wild chives, Thyme, Lesser calamint and Sweet fennel.

The vase was designed in Italy and consists of a cardboard sheet, covered with 2 plastic films that make it waterproof and resistant (the vase contains 3-4.5 liters depending on configuration).? The vase will take its shape starting from a flat sheet, allowing users to create the shape they want while reducing and optimizing space during production and transportation.?

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Greenaid Garden – health and aesthetic benefits of plants

Greenaid is a box made specifically for the purpose of growing plants in it. It has an underneath reservoir which makes plants act like a natural pump and absorb water when they want to. This prevents over and under watering which is rather harmful of household plants. Such construction prevents water or soil from dripping or splashing as there is a simple indicator which shows the user water’s level.

Several of its components are made with 100% recycled plastic. There are no moving parts in this construction which makes it durable and convenient.

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Plant Link: Listen to your plants

Do you like gardening? Those who are involved in it know how wonderful it is to see the products of their creativity and effort. Recently a young team Oso Technologies from Champaign, IL created Plant Link – an unexpendable device for every gardener that controls watering your plants. At…

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