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Thalamus IMU – Motion sense/control board for your projects

Thalamus is a small board containing a USB-capable 32-bit 72MHz ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis magnetometer and barometer.

Thalamus started out life as a flight controller for the R10 Quadrotor systems, providing stabilization at 400Hz. However, packing a fast microcontroller with native USB capabilities, and with two SPI ports for communications, Thalamus is a perfect low-cost IMU board for robotics projects, as well as PC-connected applications.

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Fritz: A Robotic Puppet

Fritz is a robotic head, with moving eyes and jaw, but also (in the advanced version available) eyelids, eyebrows, lips and moving neck. Its contollers are set on a popular Arduino platform and Hobby Servo Motors.

It comes as a kit with laser-cut parts. After being assembled it is connected to a PC with a USB cable and can be controlled via a special app with a mouse, keystrokes, or even a joystick or game controller. Users can record a sequence of actions for Fritz and play them back, customize its face expressions or type some word which Fritz will say via its playback. There also some additional features offered like accessory faceplates for changing the robot’s look.

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LightUp: Learn by Making (with Augmented Reality)

LightUp is created to empower every kid to understand and create their own electronic devices. By combining an electronics construction kit with an interactive augmented-reality tutor app, LightUp helps kids understand the fundamentals of technology.

The main feature of LightUp is giving kids X-ray vision. Showing the normally invisible workings of electronics makes important concepts more understandable. For instance, if a child tries out a bigger resistor they will see the charges flow slower due to augmeneted reality feature used. Augmented reality is used to depict fundamental concepts in real time on the actual project. To try it, one needs to take a picture of the project with the LightUp App an then look at the animation.

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Linkbot – Create and Study with Robots

The Linkbot is a modular robotic packed with technology and ready to bring your project from idea to working prototype. It’s Arduino-compatible and Raspberry Pi friendly.

It’s easy to get started with several built-in modes.TiltDrive lets you drive a Linkbot using the accelerometer of your smartphone or another Linkbot. CopyCat lets you control the motors of a Linkbot using a smartphone or another Linkbot. PoseTeaching lets you program motions into an unlimited number of Linkbots. BumpConnect is how you can connect multiple modules, just hold the pair button and bump them together.

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STEAM -Reimagined Technological Carnival

The STEAM Carnival is a modern traveling carnival which features amusement with things like lasers, robots, and electricity. It is going to start in Los Angeles and San Francisco Spring 2014. This is going to be a state-of-the-art big tent affair at a fairground, complete with contests, prizes, tasty food, live entertainment, and a loaded with games that use the latest technology to provide an interactive and physical experience for the entire family.

In the spirit of a State Fair the authors hope to showcase kids’ own work via creative competitions, a digital art gallery, a concert featuring musical robots, and a fashion show of wearable electronics. Kids will be able to sign up to receive one of several kits the authors are designing to help them create amusement-focused technical projects.

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RK-1: a wifi Arduino mobile robot for iOS & Android devices

The RK-1 is a mobile robot, that uses an ad hoc wifi connection, which is controlled using your iOS or Android device.
The control board on the robot is built on the Arduino hardware/software architecture, which is open source, and the controller software and hardware will also be available open source. The idea is to give the community the ability to make Arduino projects mobile.
The software to control the robot is available via Apple’s iTunes app store or Google play. The robot is controlled using swipe gestures. One just has to swipe the screen up, down, left, and right to make the robot go in those directions.

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MAKI – The 3D Printable Humanoid Robot

MAKI is a friendly humanoid robot designed specifically to be replicated using a desktop 3D printer. The product was developed in Atlanta, state of Georgia, U.S., by Hello Robo whose mission is to design high quality robotic platforms which are also affordable, approachable and accessible for everyone. Funding for…

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