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WunderBar startup on Dragon Innovation crowdfunding platform

Imagine receiving a push notification when you leave home without your wallet or keys, or when your house plants start yearning for water. The WunderBar is the easiest way to start developing apps for the Internet of Things – without needing to learn about hardware. App developers can quickly access data from the physical world with WunderBar’s easy-to-use SDKs or with our simple REST API.

It packs the newest Bluetooth Low Energy (Beacon), WiFi, together with SDKs for iOS, Android and Node.js!

The WunderBar has six powerful smart modules, three provide sensors to monitor temperature, proximity, light, color, humidity, and movement. A fourth helps you control your home entertainment system with an infra-red transmitter. The last two will be chosen by the you and the crowd. All come app-ready straight out of the box within minutes.

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Reactive Grip™ – Touch Feedback for VR & Video Games

Reactive Grip touch feedback is a revolutionary new touch feedback technology to virtual reality and video games that blows the doors off traditional “rumble” vibration feedback. It works by mimicking the friction and shear forces that we feel in the real world when holding an object or touching a surface. This is accomplished by measuring the movements of the player’s hand and actuating small sliding plates in the grip of the controller to recreate the friction and shear forces you expect when holding an actual object such as a sword, slingshot, gun, or fishing rod. It is called Reactive Grip feedback because it reacts to your actions and motions in the virtual world.

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Lapa: Your social lost & found

Lapa is an innovative device that finds anything you don’t want to lose by attaching a Lapa to it and finding it with the Lapa App for Android and iOS. But Lapa is also a lost & found social network inside a shell, that scans and remembers your Lapa’s location permanently, and if it gets lost, has the ability to alert anyone that passes by it to pick it up and give it back to you.

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Head Case Concussion Management System

Each year, 1 in 5 high school athletes sustains a concussion. Repeat concussions can cause memory loss, attention difficulties and long-term brain damage. There is currently no concussion management system on the market that measures and records impact data and provides tools to help diagnose a concussion so the health of young athletes is at risk.

The Head Case Concussion Management System is an affordable, easy-to-use full circle program that measures head impacts, provides diagnostic tools to detect potential concussions and recommends the best treatment facilities available.

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Beddit: ultra-thin wellness sensor

The ultra-thin Beddit sensor is put under a bed sheet and while the user is sleep, it collects all the data. In the morning, you get a full report of your sleep quality, heart rate, breathing rhythm, movement, sleep stages, snoring, and the sleeping environment; noise level and light. You get also personalized coaching tips and guidance based on your results how you can improve your sleep and wellness.

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Angel: the first open sensor for health and fitness

Angel is a wristband that monitors pulse, temperature, activity and blood oxygen level. Angel can send this vital information to apps on your smartphone, laptop and pretty soon even your treadmill.

More than that, Angel is designed in a way that makes it possible for developers to create their own apps in fitness, nutrition, wellness and healthcare.

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Wimotos: Tiny Wireless Helpers For Your Life

Wimotos are series of compact, wireless sensors for your iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux or Raspberry Pi device, that measure environmentals such as: temperature, humidity, light, soil moisture, soil temperature, object temperature, human presence and movement.

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BITSYM-Smart Agriculture & Farms addresses the issues of water logging and salinity

BITSYM-Smart Agriculture & Farms is Pakistan-based startup company specialized in agriculture and farming technologies, presents a smart solution to tackle the issues of water logging and salinity employing an intelligent irrigation and Animal Monitoring System based on state of the art Sustainable Wireless Sensor Network. Bitsym smart agriculture solution made it to top 50 in global startup competition.

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Sense – A Wireless Sensor Network For Your World

A brilliantly simple wireless, rechargeable, sensor solution to integrate your life with the services and devices you already use. Launched on 10th of January 2013 by Stefan Gordon, this project is supposed to be realized, in case of $150,000 gathered, until the 9th of February…

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