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THE UT.LAB LIGHT WING Trainers: the next step of changing the way footwear is brought to market

Our readers should remember the first crowdfunding campaign by Unbelievable Testing Laboratory officially launched in June 2013 on Kickstarter. THE UT.LAB is a mix of industrial designers, ceramic artists, logistics specialists, and serial entrepreneurs who are keen on science, design and footwear. Today they are changing the way footwear is brought to market, again.

The LIGHT WING shoes were being shipped to 57 countries, touching every continent except Antarctica. You can hardly remember any other successful footwear crowdfunding campaign launch not only on Kickstarter, but on all other crowdfunding platforms.

The next step in the evolution of THE UT.LAB has already begun on Crowdtilt. The initial startup’s goal to change the way footwear is brought to market is remained the same. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on manufacturing shoes ahead of time, and guessing what the market wants, THE UT.LAB wants to let you help them decide what shoes they will be bringing to market in 2014.

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Atrius Footwear: Style Has A New Name

The Atrius brand is a combination of affordable cost, performance, and quality. The team behind Atrius really strived to create a technologically advanced shoe without increased pricing margins. According to the authors, they literally tore open the competitions shoe to make sure that they were delivering a shoe that would stand the test of time.

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The Juntos Shoe: Look Good. Do Good.

Juntos Shoes are superlight, flexible shoes, the idea of ??which came after talking with representatives of the working class in Ecuador. Buying a pair of shoes you give one Ecuadorian student school backpack and helping him financially. Buying Juntos Shoes, you also get solid and reliable shoes that will last long. Laconic and interesting design of shoes will make your appearance, original and unusual. In addition, Juntos Shoes are made of natural materials: canvas and rubber, which are environmentally friendly and do not harm the nature.

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Gurus – Natural Rubber Sandals

Gurus are a modern twist on a very traditional style. Its fancy and eye-catching design will show your fine taste. Gurus will come in five colors. They are more comfortable than flip-flops because of traditional Indian toe post design. Gurus stay on better during activities like walking on the beach or running and straps adjust to any ankle and foot size with an easy twist. Natural rubber is more comfortable, durable, more environmentally-friendly and biodegradable material than one of that standard flip-flops and sandals are made.

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LIGHT WING Trainers: Impossibly Light Tyvek Paper Shoes

The material is very strong; it is difficult to tear but can easily be cut with scissors or a knife. It looks and feels like paper and is used in different industries including footwear. It’s an ultra light-weight material that is water-proof, but highly breathable.

The shoes will be produced in a limited edition of 2,013 items for the creators to be absolutely certain that they keep their promise to all of supporters. Once the project closes, the authors will be able to put together the material orders, and prepare the factory immediately thereafter. That means the shoes will be shipped from China direct to anywhere in the world by August 15th, and the shoes should be in backers’ hands ten days later.

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EarthBaked: Biodegradable footwear

EarthBaked is a lightweight, easy-to-pack shoe that gives back to the environment at the end of it’s life. It is made of wool and intended to people from third world countries who suffer from different diseases because they don’t wear shoes as well as to those who wants to contribute to ecology, as tons of old shoes are wasted every year.

Making the EarthBaked shoe was intended to be simple. With an industrial sewing machine, scissors, a pattern, and some material a family in a developing country could pull themselves out of poverty by making and selling shoes to others in their community.

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The 7-Touch Trainer Pro: The fun way to learn Soccer

7-Touch Trainer™ are proven youth soccer training shoes. The project is aimed at improving technical soccer foot-work skills for any one learning or already playing by providing them with a shoe designed with visual touch-points.

There are seven touch points on each shoe which demonstrate which part of a foot should be included in this or that action. For instance, a yellow patch on a top of shoe shows that this part of foot is used to perform a strong kick on the ball.

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SolePower: Power by Walking

SolePower is a power-generating shoe insole for charging portable electronics like cell phones, music players, or GPS devices. It doesn’t need to be embedded in a shoe as the device is built in a removable shoe-insole.

To use SolePower one just needs to slip it into a shoe, snake the charging wire through laces and plug the charging wire into the battery. The battery can either be fastened around an ankle or clipped to the top of a shoe. While walking, some energy is produced and the battery is charged.

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CROSSKIX – Hybrid Footwear

Crosskix – the sportiest, stylish, and most versatile footwear made of the foam composite (EVA) material. The concept of the product was concieved by Eric Saligumba from Portland, Oregon. At present the project has raised $ 16.329 of planned $ 50,000. The crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter was launched on February 26 and will be completed on 28 March 2013.

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