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Musical Staff Sheets for the Livescribe Smartpen

This project is dedicated to interesting accessories for the innovative gadget released in 2010 — Livescribe Echo smartpen. Utilizing a special, built in camera and microphone, this pen can keep track of specially designed documents and record both your writing and any audio played at that time. The uses are practically limitless, from the boardroom or the classroom to anywhere else where sometimes what you’re hearing doesn’t quite match up to how quickly you can write.

However, the camera only recognizes when it is writing on a special dot pattern which is provided in spiral bound, college rule notebooks and a handful of similar products. Thus, Joseph McEvoy decided to expand the possibilities of this gadget by creating Staff Sheets.

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GoStacked: You Can Extend the Functionality Of Your iPhone

The GoStacked System allows users to attach different device cards on the Hybrid Smart Case that will provide additional features.

Hybrid Smart Case System extends the functionality of an iPhone as well as protects it. If different device cards are attached to the hybrid case and users are stacked with an additional function.

Device cards enable an added feature and function that the iPhone does not currently have. The authors to started off with two features more power with the GoBattery device card and “going green” with the GoSolar device card.When a user is away from a power outlet all day, they can stack on the GoSolar device card and the Hybrid Case will charge in either solar or ambient light.

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Smart Food Scale: Less about WEIGHT, more about YOU

Smart Food Scale is an easy to use bluetooth food scale with companion iOS app that tracks what a user eats and provides accurate nutritional information. Smart Food Scale and iOS app provides users with exact nutritional information for the food they are weighing and helps track what they are eating. The app will also help users prepare meals using weight instead of measuring cups and spoons. The Smart Food Scale connects via Bluetooth 4.0 to iOS enabled devices (iPad 3/4, iPad mini, iPhone 4S/5, iPod Touch 5) and syncs to the app. It connects to a device like any other Bluetooth enabled gadget. Smart Food Scale can also play on it’s own – it’s a fully functional food scale with “tare”, “hold”, and “unit” functions with or without being synced.

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TIPTOP – the first portable sound system

Tiptop is the first portable Bluetooth speaker that can be instantly transformed into an integrated sound system.

It turns walls and ceiling into amplifiers of rich, deep sound. Placing a source of sound close to the wall naturally maximizes bass frequencies. By placing Tiptop in the corner using the Tiptop Mount, emitted sound waves naturally reflect off of nearby surfaces – the walls and ceiling. These reflected sound waves travel into the room in phase with the direct energy from the speaker. This creates constructive interference between the reflected and emitted waves.

The Mount is a custom piece of hardware that secures the Tiptop snugly into almost any corner. Although optimized for corners, it looks and works great anywhere – at the junction between two walls, right above desk, or a nightstand.

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HAPIfork: eat slowly, feel better

HAPIfork is the smart fork that helps eat healthier, slower and lose weight by eating at the right time and at the right speed.

Studies have shown that HOW FAST we eat is as important as what we eat. HAPIfork knows how fast one is eating and can help them develop healthy eating habits, improve their digestion and also reduce their weight.

HAPIfork allows users to simply and quickly monitor and reduce the speed at which they eat their meals. Slowing down and paying attention are important steps towards the goal of creating and maintaining healthier eating habits. HAPIfork records when a fork is touched to mouth, and can tell how long the interval is between each fork serving. If one eats too fast, HAPIfork alerts them with a gentle vibration and indicator light to discreetly remind to slow down.

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BlurPort: a new way to secure your data

The BlurPort is an encrypted USB flash drive that keeps all the passwords from PCs and websites. The BlurPort works with a custom app on iOS or Android device and allows users to protect their data using eye scanning, face scanning, set locations in which the drive can be unlocked, Near Field Communication or pattern drawing.

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Spinpod: Seamless panoramic & motion time-lapse photography

The Spinpod is a patent pending slim motion control unit designed for iPhones, android phones, and cameras. It lets everyone, not just professionals and high end users, take seamless panoramic pictures and dynamic motion time-lapse videos. Due to its small size and durability it can easily be taken everywhere including camping, hiking, to parties, or the beach.
In panoramic mode, the Spinpod continuously rotates while a phone constructs a panoramic picture. In time-lapse mode, the Spinpod makes tiny rotational steps (~0.06 degrees/step) at a variety of time intervals set by the user.

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Neutron Radiation Detection for your Smartphone (iOS/Android)

The neuPhone is a neutron detector for smartphones. It can be used to find and learn about neutron radiation, a radiation different than gamma. This detector is attached to a smartphone and looks like a heavy duty case. It is synchronized with a special application on a smartphone and shows a radiation level right in the screen.

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TYLT Energi Backpack: charge your mobile devices on the go!

TYLT Energi Backpack is a backpack that can charge your smartphone 4 times or an iPad one full charge, and recharge via a USB port. It has a very small but the most powerful and efficient battery on the market. At 10,400 mAh it’s powerful enough to charge a smartphone 4 times, or a typical tablet to one full charge. It can charge up to 3 devices at once. The Energi Backpack also features a protective sunglass pocket, Easy Routing of cables to 7 pockets for charging, a dedicated Tablet pocket, and a fly thru checkpoint friendly laptop pocket.

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smartIRON – Delegate your workout

SmartIRON is a gadget that will serve you as a personal trainer planning your training, recording your results and uploading them to the cloud storage. It will help you set targets and will monitor their achievement. With smartIRON you also can share your results with other users and trainers in social networks using a special application. The product was created by two friends Keith and Kevin from Traverse City, Michigan, USA. Funding for the project on KicKStarter was canceled by its creators.

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